Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Equality, Development and Peace

Excellent presentation, sponsored by Rutgers University.

First speaker, on the arab spring, it didn't turn to spring, but hell. Fighting backlash. Talking now about early marriage, arab apring, talking peace and security. Women suffering in thistransition, 2011, we aspired to new society,getting rid of dictatorship. Time for women's voices to be heard. 2011, goal to get past the debate, women's voices would be heard. New concerns emerged to shake democracy. In Egypt, many women assaulted. Rape took place in the square, assaultedby police. Last killing in February, this year - ordinary people celebrating, woman killed. Women targeted in Lybia and Egypt, Fundamentalism, very strong, in Lybia and Morocco, making deal at expense of women. Lybian leader, brought in polygamy. "Complementary" to men. Arab world being shaped, how rights being affected. Growing violence. Human rights defenders killed in Liberia. GBV should have laws to protect women, rigerous prosecution. Specific measures, and resources.

From Thailand, spoke of local peoples and movement. Post SDGs, model we've had increasing acquiring power,  trade exploited workers. Wealth acquired in fewer hands. Financialization of resources, minerals. Human rights, govt subservient to economic strengths. Financial security, economic security most important. Creation of rights market. Water rights, land rights, Asia investment, nature and people, bringing women into market. Global markets in Asia. Provide labour, privatization, in all sectors, land, forest , water, capture of the commons. Investors protected by law. No protection for local communities. States are part of this. Internatioanal financial institutions part of it. Militarization comes first. Green greenalliance. Have to have human rights first, before economic, and financial demands. State have to be held accountable. Need human rights audit. Debt cancellation.

Post 15 coalition. Political, is personal. Taking space. Refuse to accept. More and more  integrated into economy. Joint statements.

Global discussion is needed. Grassroots organizations. Need tranformative agenda. H R development and peace. UN member states, civil society, 2 tracks, sdg's and sec general outcome document. Now coming together.  Overall support, 17 goals. Unpaid care work, integrating gender perspective in all the indicators. Human rights, no discussion on current development model. Current model not working so why focus on integrating everyone. Integration of reproductive. rights. Militarization, leading to protecton of companies by governments.

How to do own research, participation, check list. Muti stakeholders, with everyone, including land owners, companies, and communities, knowledge production. Unions, displaced communities. Togther. What can urban consumers do.

CSW is a platform for women to join in the fight. Sea of oil in Iraq, military, post conflict transition, basically intrastucture broken, militarism in the face of economic purpose, conspiracy, Morocco and dictatorships, European chose which investor that will go to which country. The countries where they come from, the politicians will protect the leaders. Need more women in all positions. Womens substantive participation in all fields very important.

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