Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special message to all delegates

By now many of you are already on your way or will be shortly and we wish you all safe travels.... Please come prepared for cold weather and wet weather.. we have had an unpredictable winter this year with extremely low temperatures.. So come with layers and come with boots or shoes that will be okay in rain or snow. The forecast shows the weather as warming up a bit perhaps in the 40's F but for many of you that will be really cold but again it's better to be safe with extra layers.

While we have had a record number of people register for consultation day about 1200 people, there are still some seats available for Consultation Day if you would like to attend. You must register by friday, 6 March. I'm attaching a copy of the final program to help you make the decision. The cost to attend is adult $110 and Youth $50. ( If you're in NY you should try to attend. The program "Celebrate the Feminist and Women's Movements 1975 - 2015", will feature some of the early leaders like Gertrude Mongella, Mary Robinson, Charlotte Bunch & Mahnaz Afkhami as well as the bright, young rising stars like Emilia Reyes, Fabio Palacio and Faith Nenkai Metiaki (just a hint of what's in store)..

Anyone attending you MUST bring a copy of your ticket or have a mobile version on your phone NO one will be allowed in without a ticket. The Apollo theater security staff will be handling the door.

As a group we will leave the Apollo theater and via subway we will travel to Times Square to join the IWD rally, there will be people leading the way so no fear you'll miss that experience.

We are still asking if you intend to participate in the parallel events that are part of the NGO CSW Forum to register online ( there is no fee but it will put you on a mailing list that will give updates and changes throughout csw.

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