Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gender Inequality and Climate Change: How to tackle a Double Injustice

panel presentation, including Mary Robinson!

First speaker, Pascale Boistard, from France. Women first to be affected. Women will have to migrate, exposes to violence. As well as economic impacts, physical impacts. Women have special knowledge. Voice for better use of natural resources. Voice for speaking for natural resources. Wonen's footprint not as large as men. Women become catalyst for change. Women participate in allaspects of climate change, production, policy, decion making. Number of movements which we must listentoo. Women united, women empowered. At local, all levels.

Mary Robinson, strong post 15 agreement, and post Rio agreement.

So obvious, climate injustice, gender injustice. Very linked, human rights and gender equality. Negotiating improved in Geneva. Strong pressure for gender equality and human rights. Recognition in all cross cutting themes. Linking women in decision making with women in front line.

Has to have people centered agreement. Women understand that. Womens voices and supportive men! Have to get finances into agreement. Focus on different impacts of climate change on women and men.

Working in Africa saw affects of climate change. This is the human rights challenge of the century.

Lakshmi Puri, from UN Women, - Gender, Justice, and Gender Justice must come togther. Agreement, imbedding gender empowement in the agreement. All the steps done, force door open! France host of COPP, have 2 major leaders with France and Mary Robinson. Stars aligned.

Elements, Geneva text, preamble, womens empowerment should be included in the preamble. Empowement of the people good for the planet. Section on mitigation needs work. Land tenure, land security, make the case for gender equality. Have to find champions. Have to get support of countries.
Still some not on board that there is this relationship between gender equality and climate change.

Speaker from Peru, embrace principles and move forward. Get countries on board. Fiancial mechanisms still not worked out.

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