Thursday, March 19, 2015

National Council of Women of Canada Signs on to the Regional Caucus Statement

 CSW59 Political Declaration: Women's organisations in Europe and North America call on UN member states to Commit, Accelerate and Invest in women's and girls' human rights

NCWC along with many NGOs from the North American/European Caucus have signed on to a statement, stating that the political declaration is not an ambitious, serious and forward-looking commitment and raises severe concerns for women’s organisations.

Women’s organisations should be supported to participate in the work of the CSW and regional meetings on gender equality, including on the post-2015 agenda, due to their instrumental role in promoting women’s and girls’ rights. Women’s organisations and feminist groups should be systematically included in national delegations to the CSW, given access to negotiations, and be able to speak and intervene during general and panel discussion.

See the full statement here.

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