Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girls ae Peacbuilders

Girls act for change, girls act for peace: Empowering Girl Ambassadors for Peace

Opening remarks and welcome, Susan Truppe, parliamentary Secretary for SWC and Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski, permanent mission of Canada to the UN

Mavic Cabrera-Balleza spoke about lives of girls, and harmful,practises. Multiplied many times in countries affected by war. Global Network of Girl Ambassadors for Peace, 3 components, literacy, leadership, peace building. 

Girls Ambassadors for Peace conduct literacy classes in eastern Congo. Dedicated workshops, on issues they confront, early marriage, sexual violence, fgm etc. included peace building, because of nature of conflicts in the area. Implementing program in south Sudan as well. In Afghanistan, replicate program. 

Neema Namadamu 2nd woman to graduate from University. Has coordinated program in the Congo.
Was to bring young girl ambassador, but visa denied.

Spoke about importance of education. Early marriage, attitude, cultural expectation. Teach girls 
how to access justice. Global strategy taking action. 

Jazmin, developing training materials. Spoke about VOW, democratic participation. Kit in 18 modules. Being used in the Congo, and soon in S. Sudan and Guatemala. 

Not up to authors to decide content. Girl ambassadors use what makes sense for their situation. Capacity building, identify oppression in every day life. 

Mavic - Loved tool kit, policy isn't everything, implementation,  action important. Including boys is also part of tool kit, and in Congo. 

Yusur Al-Bahrani, from VOW Toronto. The theme of bringing young women together, to share. Needs international connection. We should be in a circle, share. Needs to invest in peace not arms. Spoke of yuzzi women. Physically traumatized. Come together in a circle. Go behind headlnes. Invest in peace, not war. 

Death of afghan woman killed yesterday, media telling about what is happening, but not causes, and how to stop, ie yuzzi women.

Coraid, no adequate funding, to right group. Arms trade agreement, meeting funding peace keepers who are protecting civilians who are being attacked with arms sold by same governments! 

Ambassador phillipine. Support vs ownership. How many times have we done this unleashing positive energy before.

Defining security. Collective security. How to support girls programs, and signing arms agreement.

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