Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Imams for She

Imams for She

Sponsored by Muslims for Progressive Values.

  • Gender issues, other side not perfect without the other. Story of creation. Equal enjoyment of paradise. Equality before the law. Holy Koran, give more respect to the women. 
  • Issue of hitting, FGM, early marriage - not in Koran. Where does it say women can't drive? Not everything in Muslim land rooted in the Koran.
  • If living in abusive relationship, must leave. 
  • Not allowed to beat wife.
Building interfaith dialgue, getting to know each other, it is time.

Second speaker, on consequences of early marriage, honour killing, FGM. Immigrant women and girls in New York, mostly from Africa. A lot of young women who are now learning about their religion. Teaching themselves. Told story of young girl, doesn't want to marry someone family wanted her to marry. She studied texts so could negotiate with her own family. Interpreting religion can become empoweing. But those with power don't want to give it up. Older women learning to read and write so can read Koran.

Many Muslim women marrying non Muslim men. Muslims for Progressive Values facilitates this.

Inheritance, up to now, women don't inherit equally. Working outside the home, so should they inherit same, more? Higher divorce rates.

Muhamed's wife worked. Issue here is about balance. There is a mutual responsibilty. About flexibilty.

Woman who is married and has kids, wants to become Muslim. Yes, can become Muslim. Discussion amoung scholars on inheritance, about justice, and fairness. Women have right to inheritance. First step. We are not stopping, opening horizons in interpretation of Holy Koran.

Experience of African women, women have always worked. Opening saloons, opening shops in Mew York. Street vendors. Find economic means. Men though make decisions about how money being spent. Women pay into mosque, but not told how money is spent. Men control bank accout. Question about class, not about religion.

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